Skoda Kodiaq long-term review

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Skoda Kodiaq
Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda jumps into the SUV market with both feet — and seven seats, but can the Kodiaq win the people's hearts in an already congested SUV market?

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    High-spec seven-seater Kodiaq begins its family life with a lot to prove — for Skoda and SUVs
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    Plusher version of Czech SUV adds higher-spec and sporty trim to practical base
Jim Holder
18 June 2018
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Why we"re running it: Rational brand makes its most rational car to date: a seven-seat family SUV. Can it score what’s surely an open goal? 

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Life with a Skoda Kodiaq: Month 9

Parallel parking a family SUV is a sure way to induce spec regret - 30th May 2018

On the one hand, £550 is a lot of money. It would certainly buy a lot of socks. On the other, in the context of a car that cost £31,615, it is not. And, despite no scrapes or scratches to speak of so far (touch wood), I still wish the money had been spent on a rear-view camera for the Kodiaq.

Why? Well, I would rate my parking ability as average and not a smidgen above (I rarely end up at right angles to my intended space, but sometimes I have to have a couple of goes before I slot in), and I live on the outskirts of London where I am forever bumping up kerbs to parallel park, squeezing into a just-so space or parking up against walls.