Ford Fiesta ST-Line long-term review

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Ford Fiesta
Ford Fiesta

In remaking Britain’s best-selling car, Ford has trodden lightly with the new Fiesta. But does the all-new supermini do enough to keep its place at the head of the table?

  • First Drive Ford Fiesta ST-Line long-term review
    Does this version of Britain’s top-selling car have the substance to match its style?
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    We get a first taste of Ford’s poshest Fiesta in turbocharged diesel form
Sam Sheehan
9 July 2018
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Why we’re running it: To determine whether the country’s best-selling new car is as worthy of that title as its brilliant predecessor was

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Life with a Ford Fiesta ST-Line: Month 2

You don’t need to head to a B-road to appreciate its classy chassis and willing engine - 13th June 2018

There’s a strangely satisfying feeling of driving a car with taut but well-controlled damping over broken street surfaces. Call it the silver lining of Britain’s poor roads.

In such a car, you remain fully aware of exactly what’s going on beneath you, and every crease and crack in the tarmac is communicated to you, but it’s done so delicately that at no point do you wince as bumpstops are hammered into or tense as suspension struts clang in pain.

I experience this sensation regularly on my commute to work in our Ford Fiesta. The car rides with a composure to rival that of premium saloons, rumbling over London’s pothole-ridden streets with the nonchalant demeanour of a model on a catwalk.