2018's most popular cars in Europe by market segment

Jimi Beckwith
15 August 2018
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The car industry expands into new segments frequently, with new bodystyles popping up all over the place. 

What’s the best-selling in each one, though? We’ve got the latest data from market analyst JATO Dynamics to bring you the best-selling cars in Europe (EU countries), sorted by bodystyle.

The best-selling cars in Europe: by segment

City car: Fiat 500 - 110,585 sales

There’s no denying the 500’s charms, even if it’s not the best car to drive. European customers agree - it’s the best-selling city car on the Continent, followed by the Fiat Panda and Volkswagen Up. 

Supermini: Renault Clio - 185,234 sales

The Renault Clio is one of the best-selling cars in Europe, the top-selling car in France, Portugal and Slovenia and the top-selling supermini overall. It tops the Volkswagen Polo in second and the​ Ford Fiesta in third. 

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