Autocar confidential: Skoda on LPG-powered cars, Bentayga Speed SUV, Honda CR-V & more

13 June 2018
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This week"s snippets of automotive news include news on the Bentley Bentayga Speed SUV, Skoda on LPG-powered cars, Honda CR-V and Ford Europe’s profits. 

Skoda on LPG:

Skoda development boss Christian Strube is an enthusiastic supporter of CNG- and LPG-powered cars, believing they can make instant improvements to air quality given widespread adoption. “Let’s begin this now,” he said. “Many markets are keen to discuss. I want to be with people who want to do something the environment can benefit from today.”

Bentley on a Bentayga Speed SUV:

Bentley design boss Stefan Sielaff has confirmed the company is working on a Speed version of the Bentayga SUV, saying it will be a “big change” in design over the standard car on which it will be based. He said to expect the “typical” styling changes Bentley makes when creating Speed versions of its models. More power for the W12 engine is on the cards, too.

Honda CR-V: 

The new Honda CR-V can accommodate an electric powertrain, but CR-V assistant project leader Tetsuo Mikasa said there are no plans to introduce a zero- emissions version, believing that the forthcoming hybrid CR-V “brings the best benefit for customers”. Honda’s electric efforts will focus on its Urban EV city car, due next year.