David Brown Automotive Speedback Silverstone Edition to be revealed at Geneva 2018

After teasing it last week, British coachbuilder David Brown Automotive has revealed more details of its upcoming Geneva Motor Show debutant. The new car will be a performance-focused derivative of the Speedback GT, called the "Silverstone Edition".

Limited to just ten production cars, the Silverstone Edition is being built to celebrate the company"s new headquarters, situated alongside the Northamptonshire circuit. It"s said to take hints from both the motorsport and aeronautical heritage of Silverstone, as well as inspiration from "50s and "60s racing GT cars.

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Said to boast "over 600 horsepower", likely from the same Jaguar-sourced 5.0-litre supercharged V8, the Silverstone Edition will offer up around 100bhp more than the regular Speedback GT. It"s not clear yet whether there are any chassis upgrades to go with that power boost, but given the increased focus on performance, such changes are a possibility. 

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The press release also states that the Silverstone Edition will "extend the qualities of bespoke British craftsmanship first seen on the Speedback GT". Expect upgrades to the interior and increased personalisation options as a result, and an increase in the Speedback GT"s near-£600,000 pricetag. 

Company founder and CEO David Brown said: "We always had the ambition to deliver an even higher performance derivative of Speedback, so this is the realisation of a core objective for us at David Brown Automotive. Speedback Silverstone Edition is the perfect platform for us to hone classically-inspired performance, as we give a nod to our brand’s Silverstone roots, whilst looking ahead to a future of British handcraftsmanship at our bespoke coachbuilding facility".

The plan to build a high-performance model swings against David Brown’s latest model, the Mini Remastered, which still wore a hefty £99,000 price tag for the example we drove last year, powered by a 94bhp version of that car’s classic 1,275cc four-cylinder engine. 

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